Shop Talk

What advantage does a transmission cooler have on my car?
A transmission cooler on any automatic transmission helps to reduce the transmission temperature and in turn increasing transmission life.
Will a shift kit improve the operation and performance of my car?
Yes: the shift kit shortens the duration from one gear to the next in the transmission reducing heat and also making your transmission last longer.
What are the advantages in servicing my transmission?
To help maintain transmission performance so that your transmission lasts longer and operates more efficiently.
How often should my transmission be serviced?
We recommend that the transmission be serviced every 12 months or 20,000km.
How do I look after my transmission?
Taking care of your pride and joy:
  • Have your vehicles transmission & differential fluid checked regularly
  • At–risk vehicles need more frequent fluid changes and possibly an auxilliary cooler for the auto Transmission
  • Check the ground for leaks Check your vehicle for obstructions around the radiator and air ducts
  • Check the cars belts and hoses
  • When stopped in traffic, shift into neutral (automatic transmission)
  • When stopped in traffic, shift into neutral and release the clutch (manual transmission)
  • Don’t use overdrive when in mountainous terrain or towing trailers etc