Logbook servicing

When you buy a new car, as part of the package comes what is called a Logbook. This booklet provides anticipated service intervals and procedures for both the owner and technician, these service intervals are required to be carried out for the safe operation for your vehicle.

These intervals and procedures help maintain trouble free motoring for you and your family.

Some of these typically include:

    • Oil and Filter Change (Lubrication Service)
    • Belt Adjustments
    • Engine Flush
    • Fuel System Flush
    • Tyre Pressure Checks
    • Brake System Checks (ABS)
    • Suspension Checks
    • Steering Checks
    • Engine cooling System Inspection and Flush (Coolant)
    • Exhaust system checks
    • Electrical system Checks (Lights, Wiring E.T.C)
    • Specific Checks for different Makes and Models

Fixed price logbook servicing

Call 1300AUTOTRANS 1300288687 or request a quote via our contact form.

All logbook services carry a 12month / 20,000km Warranty and are carried out by qualified technicians.

Please note that all services are different and prices will vary with makes and models and service intervals so please provide the following information for pricing accuracy:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Service interval to be quoted