Maintenance servicing for differentials is a standard procedure and cost effective in the long term by ensuring your diff operates efficiently and with minimal wear. Recommended intervals for servicing are every 2 years or 40,000km.


Most differentials can be repaired, but this is not always the case. Phone one of our members listed to go through your options.


All Differentials are remanufactured back to manufacturers specifications, Overhauls include:

On standard diff overhauls the standard procedure is to replace or adjust:

  • All Bearings and seals
  • spider and side gears are adjusted ( if they are to badly worn they are replced)
  • the crown Wheel and Pinion is inspected for wear (badly worn Crownwheel and pinions are replaced)
  • Axle splines are checked for wear ( if to badly worn the axles are replaced

Limited Slip

All limited slip differentials are re-manufactured back to manufacturers specifications, lst overhauls include:

On limited slip differential overhauls the standard procedure is to replace or adjust:

  • All bearings and seals
  • the crown wheel and pinion are inspected for wear (badly worn Crownwheel and pinions are replaced)
  • axle splines are checked for wear ( if badly worn they are replaced)
  • limited slip plates or clutches are inspected for wear and damage from overload and replaced if not within specs.
  • limited slip diffs also have spider and side gears also and are inspected to be within manufacturers specs (They are replaced if not within specifications)

Exchange is a wonderful service we have to offer

With the large range of stock on hands we have the ability in many cases to:

  • Return your vehicle the same day it is delivered to us (minimises downtime)
  • Quality parts and re-manufactured units with full warranty
  • all exchange units carry 12-month or 20,000km warranty
  • all exchange units carry the same specs removed from your vehicle.

Diff Lockers

When it comes to diff lockers there are several different types. To list two:

Detroit locker or mechanical locking diffs.

There are many different versions on the market today and 1300AUTOTRANS supply and fit them all

For a quote on fitting a mechanical differential locker click here


Air locker

There are very few styles of this one on the market today however 1300AUTOTRANS are experienced at fitting them all

For a Quote on an air locker click here, fill out the form and we will be in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.

Ratio Changes

Whether you’re

  • looking for longer legs on the highway for better Fuel Economy
  • part of the racing fraternity chasing the right combination
  • restoring your pride and joy

We have the knowledge and experience to give you what your looking for the first time every time.