Clutch and flywheel


CLUTCH KITS: 1300AUTOTRANS Auto service centres use and recommend EXEDY / GENUINE clutch kits.

1300AUTOTRANS sevice centres are equipped to service and maintain all types of clutch systems.

With our rigid Guidelines and team spirit 1300AUTOTRANS service centres take pride in our personalized service and we will ensure your experience with us be a positive one.

So rest assured when we are discussing repairs with you we not only have the technology to carry out the repair but also the experience to back it up.

1300AUTOTRANS sevice Centres policy is – no other repairs will be carried out without prior authority.

Clutch System Types

  • the original push type clutch
  • The later pull type clutches
  • Hydraulic
  • Cable

For Hydraulic Type Clutch Services we will:

  • supply and fit EXEDY (alternately we are happy to provide genuine parts at your request) Clutch Kits
  • supply and fit new master cylinders
  • supply and fit new slave cylinders
  • supply and fit new hydraulic lines
  • machine your flywheel to specifications(set by the manufacturer)

For Cable Type Clutch Systems we will:

  • supply and fit EXEDY (alternately we are happy to provide genuine parts at your request) Clutch Kits.
  • supply and fit new clutch Cables
  • machine your flywheel to specifications (set by the manufacturer)

The different Types of EXEDY Clutch kits listed below (click the names for descriptions):

If your clutch is slipping or your car won’t move or the pedal goes straight to the floor, or you can’t get the gearbox into gear, call one of our service centres or click the link below for your priority booking.